– Having at least 19 years old (or one year of experience since the driving license is valid).
– The driver should have a valid international driving license for A, A1, A2, AM or B Category that will be presented to the rental company’s representative.
– Valid Passport or National ID Card will be presented as well at the Pick-up time and place.
– Contract – that will be signed by both the company’s representative and the client – will be provided by the company’s representative.

Rental Time and Delivery:
– The minimum rental time is 12h. (ending 12h renting time at 9PM)
– Together with the client will be established the date, time and location for delivery (except the case when the scooter will be picked up from the Company’s specified location). The same policy applies for the RETURN process.
– By the confirmation of the booking, the client should receive all the details regarding the location, time and date for Pick-up and also for Return.
– The check of the scooter will be made together at the Pick-up location by Client and company’s representative.

Payment and Extra Fees:
– After the booking confirmation, the payment should be done for at least 12 hours (in case there is only 12h booked, the payment will be done entirely prior to Pick-up).
– The rental service payment will cover a 150km per day. After, a fee equal to 2.5RON/km will be requested.
– There can be up to 2 drivers, and for the second driver we can charge you an extra fee up to 20RON for the entire booking period.
– The warranty (deposit) assuring us the costs for a small damage caused by the driver can be between 150RON and 800RON, depending on the scooter type and rental period.
– For delays in returning the scooter we can request a penalty fee that can be equal to 10% from a day rental, per hour of delay.
– The vehicle will be delivered to the client with a full tank of gas. It is expected to return as well, otherwise a fee might be requested according to the missing amount of fuel (7RON/liter).
– For loosing the documents or the keys for the scooter there will be a fee that the client will need to pay (about 800RON).
– At the returning location the scooter must be in the same visual and functional conditions as it was at the Pick-up (for cleaning there can be a fee requested equal to 30RON).
– To receive and return the scooter on a Bank Holiday or weekend, an addition fee might be applied (60RON).
– To receive and return the scooter to another location beside the one specified for Pick-up and Return, an additional fee might be applied (30RON).
– Helmet, Top Case and Phone Holder are included in the rental price (if top case and phone holder are available for that scooter)

– The scooter must be driven only by the person written in the contract.
– We offer MTPL (insurance) in the rental price.
– Theft is not covered by MTPL insurance, and the driver is responsible for the security and safety of the scooter and itself for the entire period of rental.
– In case of accident or theft the driver must inform the Police department and as well the Rental Company.
– Fuel is not included in the price of a rental.
– Any Damages that are not covered by the insurance will be supported by the client if the sum of them will exceed the Deposit payed in advance.
– Traffic legislation must be under the responsibility of the driver, and the company will not be compliant with driving under the illegal substances or alcohol. If any damage is caused under these circumstances the driver is entirely responsible for them and will pay any traffic violation fee requested by the state’s organisms as well as the costs for repairing the scooter, if there is a damage caused.
– The scooter is intended to be used on paved and public roads in Bucharest and the proximity of Bucharest covering around 70km range. Any other usage type or abnormal usage will lead to canceling the rental period without the possibility to receive the equivalent of the outstanding period back.
– We accept Card and Cash as payment types.