Herastrau Park:
If you like the feeling when you are connected with the nature, then you should see the Herastrau Park. The Park is on the shore of the lake with the same name dated since 1936, where sometimes you can see sailing regattas with children. Definitely you will have things to do there, like boat travel around the lake, you can rent an oar boat or a hydrobike, you can play tennis or visit the Aquarium.

Old Town:
Certainly, the Historical Center of Bucharest, also known by Old Town, is one of the most crowded places during the evening. It is well known as the place with the most old buildings from Bucharest, where you can find a lot of restaurants, pubs, clubs, and terraces as well as some local or international shopping areas. A walk on this are can give you the impression that you might have traveled in time. Don’t miss Lipscani street which is the logo for this part of the city.

National Historic Museum Grigore Antipa:
This is a must in terms of Museums to be seen in Bucharest. Not only because of the amount of scientific objects you may see, but also because you will find there about 2 milions vertebrates and invertebrates animals. Also, the gigantic, as it says the name, Deinotherium gigantissimum.

Parliament Palace:
Number two in the world as an Administrative Building, based on a Guiness Book study, the “House of the Nation” as it is also known, was built as a part from “Bucharest Project” by Nicolae Ceausescu and it has around 1000 rooms, some of them that can be visited.

One of the entertaining area you can spend some time is the Zoo, which was officially built in 1955 and it’s located near Bucharest, inside Baneasa Forest. The size of the Zoo is around 6Ha and many animals and birds are to be seen there as well as the exotic or wild ones.

Cismigiu Park:
Cismigiu Garden, as it is also known, is great by having a beautiful history and it is defined as a small Park but nice. The lake inside the Park makes it even more attractive because you can rent a small oar boat and take a tour for the view. Inside the Park you can also find some relaxing terraces where you can look at the flowers from the City Hall, drink a juice or a local beer, or you can just relax next to the famous writers’ statues seating on the bench area located there.

National Opera Bucharest:
The shape of a horseshoe is what you will see when you enter in the Opera’s showroom. The scene which has 20m depth, 24m width and 30m height, it’s very impressive in terms of art shape. There is also a Museum on site that can be visited and where you can find out new things about the history and culture.